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Selecting Diamonds

Selecting DiamondsA trustworthy jeweler is a diamond expert and will be ready to explain the five Cs to you. There arent any bargains in diamonds.

There are diamonds of all sizes and prices, and you can talk about them forthrightly with your jeweler who knows that you are making one of your most important purchases. If you are buying a diamond engagement ring go for a simpler setting of the ring so that you can afford a larger or better quality diamond. As a suggestion, the solitaire diamond is the darling of most brides. Diamonds are available in such a wide you are sure to find one fit your taste and budget. Prices vary due to differences in diamond quality and market conditions.

The bigger the diamond the rarer it is, higher the value per carat. For instance, a two-carat stone is worth more than twice as much as a one-carat stone of the same quality. A half-carat stone is worth more than two weighing a quarter carat each.

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