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Finger RingFinger Ring
Trends change faster than seasons. The splendid collection of fashion rings exhibiting latest trends is here. Take your pick from hearts, mesh and other designs in bright metal. They are also obtainable in oxidized finishes, which display designs perfectly on dark contrasts. Beautiful rings are perfect accessories to impress the wearers mind and inspire the senses. Depicting finest quality skill and craftsmanship, the metal rings are produced with superior strength and wearability. They can also be custom crafts as per the design and pattern specifications of the buyers.

The designs used for making these rings are straightforward and streamlined to appeal to fashion and style-conscious people. Using metal as base material, the rings can be embellished with a variety of other materials that include: Wood, Resin, Plastic and Glass

Toe Ring Toe Ring
Toe rings are small circular bands, generally made of metal that is worn on the toes. Charming and adorable toe rings are the most popular fashion accessories among the. In addition to toe rings being worn as a part of traditional wear for rituals and customs, a large number of college going youth is also wearing them as stylish and trendy accessories.

The adjustable toe rings are available in a variety of designs & patterns and are great to show off with sandals or open-toe shoes. They are made with the base material as metal and often embellished with various other materials that include: glass, stone, wood, shell, pearl and plastic.

Nail RingNail Ring
Nail ring is one of the inventions of this generation. They are worn at the tip of nails by making a hole in the nail to give them a wicked look. They are very much in fad and assure a unique style statement. They look very dramatic and sanction a sassy attitude to anyones persona.

Nail rings commonly come in beaded form stringed in wire and are worn in one or two nail to allow work to be done without much intrusion. Fashionable, and inimitable, these nail rings are sure to draw attention and add spring to your fingers.

Delicately carved and molded in beautiful shapes, clippons add beauty and shine to a womans most delicate part- ears. Clippons derive their name from the word clinks. It is worn as an earring on top edge of the ear and also at the sides. To fix them there is no need for a loop to be made, they can just be clinked to the ear and they stay attached to the ear.

It is a very easy way to wear more than one earring without going through pain of making a hole. They are mostly available in metals like steel or brass. Even offered in beaded they are perfect for college wear. There is a wide range of beautifully crafted pieces of irresistible clippons to opt from.

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