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Platinum Jewellery

Platinum JewelleryPlatinum is a metallic element, known in natural alloy form since antiquity. Platinum is obtained as a by-product, along with gold and silver, in the refining of nickel and copper. It is a malleable, ductile, lustrous, silver-white, chemically inactive metal with a high melting point of 3224 F. It is grayish white in appearance; it does not oxidize, can be cast, forged, and welded. Iridium can be added to platinum to increase its hardness. Platinum is a very heavy metal & also expensive.

No other jewellery metal is as long lasting and wonderfully precious with its understated elegance and beautiful design. Platinum is harder, heavier and more valuable than gold, when polished or matt finished with a solitaire it looks great. When scratched unlike gold none of the metal is lost it is just moved. Whats more, Platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals making it always in vogue.

Platinum is also wonderful for people with sensitive skin as its hypoallergenic properties make it available to wear to anyone. Its ability not to tarnish makes it one of the worlds strongest jewellery products. A lot of people mistake platinum with "White Gold" but it really is quite different. The biggest problem, which makes the metal so desirable, is its rarity.
Test for Platinum
It can be distinguished from palladium and white gold by the feel of its weight since it is quite heavy when bounced in ones hand. Platinum after being heated to red heat and cooled, does not oxidize; palladium and white gold oxidize and even change color.
Palladium belongs to the platinum family of metals is used as a substitute for platinum since its a comparatively cheaper & lighter. Its melting point is 2831 F. It is used for light platinum jewelry such as earrings.

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