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Ranging from the exquisite to outrageous styles, our fashion necklace / fancy necklace reflect unlimited potential as an expression of the personality of the wearer. The charming fashion necklaces in exorbitant designs will sure give you a ravishing look. Semi-precious stones add a sense of fashion and elegance to the natural materials. These fashion necklaces and earrings complement any wardrobe in need of an update.

Necklace refers to a string of beads, etc., or any continuous band or chain, worn around the neck as an ornament. The manufacturers and exporters have brought different necklace in variegated designs and styles forth in the market. There are the newest styles, representing everything from elegant and conservative to free-form contemporary designs.

Choker refers to an ornament that fits closely around the neck as tight-fitting necklace. In earlier times, people wore chokers during ceremonies and to display their wealth and rank. The bone choker was worn as ornamentation and for protection too. Chokers were also worn to protect the necks during battle.

The art creating glittering choker has been perfected with modern styles. The dazzling array of intricately designed choker is a vision to behold. Chokers can be made in the combinations of: glass, plastic, horn, bone etc.

PendantPendant \ Locket
Pendants are ornaments or pieces of jewelry attached to a necklace. Carved elegantly with exquisite workmanship, pendants form an important component of jewelry collection and are great conversation pieces & eye catchers. Express yourself with pendants that represent your attitude or belief. They are elegant and dramatic - the bigger the better rule does not restrict them. They exist in various sizes and tones of shapes to suit individual requirements. Small delicate designs symbolize a true fashion statement. They can be worn on daily wear basis and it gives your neck a slim appearance.

They are typically suitable for college wear and home wear on a regular basis. The most common shapes usually worn are heart, dolphin, cross, etc. Lockets and pendants are usually obtainable in metals like steel and brass in shades of silver and golden colours. Lockets are similar to pendants; the only difference is that they open and are basically used to put any picture inside it. 

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