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Miscellaneous Jewellery for Body

Brooches are ornaments that are available in various forms, with a tongue, pin, or loop for attaching it to a garment. Broach is used as a fashion accessory often on dresses and suits. Earlier they were available in mostly golden colours with a dash of vibrant hues which look elegant and formal. They were considered as a style statement and mostly worn during marriages.

Dexterous craftsmen have been creating spell binding range of ornate brooches that have gained lot of importance as major items of export. The brooches can be made of metal as the base material and the major embellishments used for decoration are: glass, plastic, horn, bone, shell, gemstones etc.

Now these broaches have transformed into wacky designs with splash of colours and are no longer those golden flowers. They are worn by kids as well as by the youth on their shirts. To use them more versatility they are also put on hand bags and purses. Pin badges are commonly available in iron and plastic form. There are customized badges also obtainable to suit ones requirement.

Belly chainsBelly chains
Belly chains as the name suggests are worn on the abdomen to flaunt ones waist particularly when it is in good shape. These chains define the shape of a womans waist. When worn over a dress or sari they add spice to the attire with their modish appearance.

They come in various materials like beaded, metal, stone studded etc. They metal finish gives it a rusty look. Extra long chains that can go twice over the waist gives it a fuller appeal and looks very chic. Apart from this the extra long chain can be kept to hang loose at the side of the waist to depart a stylish look.

Fashionable and dramatic these tattoo jewellery follow the rule of - the bigger the better! Choose from the selection of delicate and bold designs that come in smaller, medium and larger than life size tattoos. Tattoos go for the delight with one of the wrap-around styles on the arms, neck, wrist and ankles.

Tattoo jewellery is available in plastic, sticker forms and now even permanent tattooing i.e. done by body piercing is very trendy. A large number of youngsters prefer the plastic netted tattoos, which is elastic in nature more over other forms because they are easy to wear and remove and can be used a number of times. What better way to be bold? Wear a fashion statement on your body and jazz up your style.

Jewellery helps one express their identity and moods; we have now reached a stage where jewellery is worn to adorn as well as for investment. Anklets in todays fashion and trend have gone under a tremendous change. With the big payal having small bells it has undergone metamorphosis to small coloured thin strings and to add-on, small bells attached to it, copper coloured, silver or gold plated or as simple as strings just with knots.

An appealing collection of elegant beaded anklets that speak of beauty and dignity is here to lure your feet. Their mesmerizing designs and styles are indeed an enduring personal compliment. Their unmatched beauty and the extrinsic craftsmanship make them ideal as gift items. 

Cufflinks were invented long ago as a removable button for shirts and jackets. When buttons became mass-produced and cheap enough to sew onto the material itself, these little studs were eventually used only at the cuffs. On the other hand, those same mass production techniques meant that the variety of cufflinks increased dramatically. Of course, the need for  Cufflinks  increased, too.

Simple designs were most popular with country folk, while the more elaborate and decorative cufflinks stayed the jewelry of choice for sophisticated city folks. The  Cufflinks  can be spotted with embroidery, precious metals, painted designs and in some cases, huge paste or real gems. Today, Cufflinks are not for men alone. More and more women look for these little beauties, too. Some turn them into earrings. Cufflinks are the ideal collectible. Theyre reasonably priced, fun and, best of all; you can wear them out on the town and show off! You can certainly tell a lot about a person from his cufflinks.

Tie pinTie pins
Tie pins are used to either compliment your tie or to serve as a stand-alone accessory. Tie pins are available in many designs and are set in choices of either sterling silver or bronze. Pins are commonly available in three shapes: Rectangle, Oval and Scalloped. They look elegant and help the tie remain stiff. They are available in gold, platinum, silver, etc materials.

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