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Glass Jewellery
Glass JewelleryThe irresistible jewelry created using glass is elegantly molded and finished with utmost attention on each detail. The jewelry items are most sought after by the fashion conscious generation of today. Carrying a touch of class and richness, the glass fashion jewelry has found a lot of patronage among buyers, worldwide. Manufacturers and exporters have been innovating and experimenting with glass to create new designs, while catering to the demands of the customers across the world.

A splendid mixture of elegance and style create the beautiful glass fashion jewelry. Glass is available in the form of beads that have hole going through them and chatons that do not have a hole. Glass bead jewelry, molded from the boiling glass, is available in different color combinations. Beads and chatons are available in rounded, uncut or faceted shapes, which are either hand-polished or machine-polished. The final look of the beads and chatons would greatly depend on how it has been cut and polished (eg: hand-cut & machine-polished would be different from machine-cut & hand-polished). They can be given varied finishes like glossy, semi-matt or matt finish. They can further have transparent, translucent or opaque semblance.
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