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Gemstone Care & Precautions

Unfortunately diamond and other gemstones are not inevitably for forever. Most stones are more or less fragile, many are quite soft, and heat, vibration, or chemicals could damage some. Unfortunately, this trend has not yet started in Gem n Jewellery industry to inform their customers about how to care for their purchased gem.

Here are few tips for caring gemstones:

For removing dust, it is wise to rinse them with clean lukewarm water & use a soft cloth to dry them.

Jewellery & loose gemstones should be stored in separate section of padded jewelry box
For wrapping, use a soft free cloth to prevent scratching, entanglement a chipping.
Nonporous gemstones can be successfully washed gently using a weak solution of ammonia & then rinsing with clean lukewarm water & drying with soft lint-free cloth.
Header stones are safe to gently scrub with a soft toothbrush.
Highly polished metal jewelry should not be rubbed.

Heat sensitive stones like opal, pearls, Turquoise, coral, amber should not be stripped to heat, sudden changes in temperature, radiations etc for too long.

Ultrasonic cleaners are harmful to soft stones. They can remove treatment on stones & may even widen factures.

Brittle & soft stones are favored for earrings, pins, pendants or bracelets than constantly worn rings to avoid wear & tear.

Gemstones with a hardness of below 8 Mohs are not defiant to scratching.

Harder stones, though less affected by scratching, are highly open to chipping & fracture.

Diamonds are comparatively more brittle & can be easy chipped by hard blow.

Some stones like Tanzanite, pearl, coral, amber, lapis, malachite etc are exposed to internal stress.

Too long contact of stones to sunlight or even jewelers torch is disastrous.

Ultrasonic cleaners also have an effect on gemstones negatively.

Setting can also prove to be ruinous. Bezel settings are preferable as far as protection of stones is concerned.

Dirty water or oil can decolorize pearls, coral & other porus stone such as turquoise, opal etc

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