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Forehead Jewellery

Maang TikaMaang Tika
Occasionally worn, maang tika symbolizes our Indian heritage. Prior they were available in heavy and bold designs but now they are easily accessible in light n delicate designs. They accentuate the head area and make the hair-parting look more prominent and classy.

Maang tika are also available in sticker bindi forms, which are cheaper and use n throw types. They come in various colors but the basic colors are golden and silver. It not only enhances ones beauty but also look elegant on the head.

Maang tika is even considered very auspicious in traditional ceremonies like weddings and pujas among Hindus.

Bindis are self-adhesive body ornaments that require no piercing, leaves no permanent marks and are reusable. Though a part of ancient fashion tradition in India, these have now become an international fashion trend. Bindis usually have an adhesive backing for ease of applying and come in a wide assortment of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes that can satisfy everyone. Buyers can choose from a great assortment of bindis including body dots, body tattoo, eye lash tattoo, customized tattoo, assorted bindi pack, arm tattoo, bridal eyelash tattoo, bindi dots and jewel tattoos.

With changing fashion, women try out all sorts of shapes and designs. Today, bindi dots are more of a fashion statement than anything else, and the number of young performers sporting bindi is overwhelming even in the West. Body dots are used for all occasions and are available in exclusive cuts, designs and textures. The wide range of bindis may include eye bindi, eyebrow bindi, naval bindi, armlets, maang tikka, nail bindi etc.

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