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Feldspar Mineral Gemstones

FeldsparFeldspar has hardness of 6 - 6.5 Mohs. It is formed of two distinctly different alkali alumino silicates: the Plagioclase and the Alkali Feldspar Series and its specific gravity is 2.55 - 2.76. The following varieties of gemstones come under it -

Plagioclase Series
Labrodorite: Colorful, iridescent, also transparent stones in yellow, orange, red, and green Sunstone: Gold spangles from inclusions of hematite
Peristerite: Blue white iridescence
Alkali Feldspar Group- Orthoclase: Pale yellow, flesh red
Amazonite: Yellow green to greenish blue
Moonstone: Colorless; also white to yellowish, and reddish to bluish gray

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