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Elements of Design for Jewellery

Creativity is the ability to realize new forms, shapes, structure, appearance, products, etc. Creativity is the urge to create something new & original, which may be inspired by observation & imagination. Creative process involve a constructive though, synthesis of unnoticed & unused ideas at the back of ones mind and a visible concept or expression of those ideas into designing or painting.

Designing relies on creativity, visualization & expression of original ideas, which can be said the starting points for design work.

Elements of Design
Line: Line is the basic unit of design. It is the basic tool to form any desired form or shape. One can enhance the ability to control line through sketching & drawing.

Texture: Texture is any particular pattern that gives an delusion of 3-D. Texture ads depth to any form & designer use it to emphasize on areas of particular interest. One can record different textures in ones sketchbook by taking rubbings of textures of interest.

Composition: Composition refers to the arrangement of different elements of a design. The manner in which the components of the drawing/design are arranged greatly influences the appearance of design. Positive space & negative space are the basic components of composition. Positive space is the space engaged by design elements & Negative space is important to separate & give proportion to any shape or form.

Colour: A colour design is more pleasing to any eye than a black & white one. Colour appeals to our senses but colour combinations, value & intensity is outmost important especially when different colour gold or precious & semi-precious stones are in use. Hue is simply the name of the colour, value refers to lightness or darkness of a hue & Intensity is the brightness or dullness of any hue.

Form: Form is the result of incorporation of different shapes. It demands unity in design elements & requires well-proportioned design. The form of jewelry must be designed keeping in mind the subject; a piece of jewelry independent of any subject lacks functional validity.

Rhythm: Rhythm refers to the flow in agreement of design elements. a rhythmic composition is pleasing to senses & guides eye movement appropriately. In complex designs various elements like line, form, colour, and texture may be combined to produce several rhythmic patterns.

Balance: Balance upholds equilibrium in a design and is a necessary characteristic of a good design. A well-balanced design stands out among the rest. Balance is to be attained in use of colour & arrangement of elements whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical placement of objects.

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