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Crystal Jewellery
Crystal JewelleryThe superb quality of this range combined with its spectacular beauty makes it hard to overlook. Its remarkable form and colour combinations are due to advancements in technology, which have set new standards in jewellery. This astonishing line is produced using the "Free Setting System" with Swarovski crystals. This technical development has opened a completely new world of products made with Swarovski crystals, offering an amazing array of new possibilities.

This brings to the market a series of high quality, aesthetic products with a vision of the future. This new method of crystal setting involves the use of special glue, which comes in the same colours as the stones themselves. This enhances the radiance of the crystals and brings out the perfect shine. The crystals are all set by hand. The special glue is not affected by hot or cold temperatures and is fully waterproof. These items can be sterilized at high temperature without causing any damage to the crystal sets.
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