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Copper Jewellery
Copper JewelleryCopper is reddish metal with a face-centered cubic crystalline structure. It is malleable, ductile. It is softer than iron but harder than zinc and can be polished to a bright finish. Copper jewelleries are practical, beautiful and of the finest craftsmanship. The red metal is 99% pure copper, the element itself. The yellow metal is Jewelers Brass, an alloy of 85% Copper and 15% Zinc. The local market prefers a shiny, low maintenance finish. Each piece of jewellery is made out of a single continuous strand so good coverage is a concern.

Copper jewelleries inspired by the sights and sounds of Ancient Africa, started handcrafting this unique jewellery. This beautiful copper jewellery is hand finished by burnishing and heat-treating to get the earthy colours, which makes it so unique. Today Copper jewellery is proudly extended to a beautiful range of unique necklaces, bracelets and other items.
When ordering copper, state the thickness, hardness, and size or shape desired. Copper and its alloys can be purchased soft, half-hard and hard.

Soft copper is classified into hot rolled and cold rolled annealed. Hot rolled means, the copper was rolled into sheets while it was hot and thus the final product is soft. A harder and smoother copper is obtained by rolling the copper into sheets shile it is cold.

Cold rolled annealed copper is more malleable & should be ordered for most art metal and jewelry objects.

Soft (annealed) copper is obtainable in rolls and in sheets. The rolls usually run from 8" to 18" wide and from 18 gauge to 36 gauge in thickness. The standard sheets size is 36" by 96" and the gauges run from 8 to 26.

Copper is also obtainable in the form of wire, tubing, rods, circles, etc.
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