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Diamonds can be an expensive purchase. If spending a substantial amount of money, you need to have confidence in your jeweller. How do you know you are getting good value, a good diamond, or even a diamond?

We would suggest that a jeweller who can answer all your questions, and show you a range of diamond qualities, rather than one who boasts an "unbeatable" price, or a "100% back in part-exchange" guarantee.

Careful Research
Depending on how much you plan to spend on a diamond, it may pay you to take a little time and effort to learn something about diamonds before spending your money. If you are reading this, then obviously we are preaching to the converted.

There is quite a lot to learn, but you do not need to become an absolute expert, you only need to know enough to make an informed decision. Obviously, the more effort you put into learning about different diamond qualities, and how to compare prices, the more confidence you will acquire in your own ability to make a sound judgement.
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