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Compromise - Balancing Quality Against Cost
Hopefully you now know all about the 4 Cs of diamond quality and price. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget, you will need to compromise somewhere in order to balance all the quality factors against price.

Even if your budget is unlimited, you may prefer to know that you will get what you pay for, and that you will not get "ripped off".

Are you ready to decide whether to go all out for the highest possible quality in a smaller size? Would you prefer something big and flashy, and never mind the colour or inclusions? Do you spend that little bit more than you budgeted for?

We at Chard dont like to presume to tell you which way to go, you will know best what you prefer. The most important thing to remember now is to buy what will give you the most pleasure. If it comes to a close call, we can tell you from experience that few people regret spending a little more for something bigger or better. We hear many customers regret not buying a better, more expensive piece of jewellery when it was available.
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