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Common Sense

By now, you are an expert on diamonds, so what else is there to learn?

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True
If you are offered a deal that sounds too good to be true, then it probably isnt!
We can recount many cases where we have failed to make a sale to a particular customer, only to end up taking in their "better for less" purchase in part exchange a few years later when they realised that the diamond they bought wasnt as sparkly as they thought, or turned out to be smaller.

We wont go into details on this page, but we will link this page to a few examples later.

Car Boot Sales, Pubs, and Private Purchases
If you buy a diamond from somebody you dont know, consider what guarantees you will get. Is it stolen? Is it a diamond?, a Cubic Zirconia?, a Moissanite?
At the very least, pay to get an appraisal by an expert.

You Can Buy It For Half The Valuation Price?
Are you sure its the same item?
In many cases we have sold second-hand rings at one quarter of their valuation (from another jeweller) price, so half price isnt necessarily a great deal!  

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