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Clicks & Diamonds

By publishing our catalogue via the internet, we have the ultimate low cost way of showing our range to the whole world.

Looked at another way, the whole world has an easy way to view our product range.

Clicks & Mortar?
We hear discussions raging about clicks versus bricks. Traditional bricks and mortar retailing versus the clicks of the internet. The two dont have to be mutually exclusive.
We have a foot in both camps.

We bought our building in 1968, so we can rightly claim to be an established part of the bricks and mortar distribution chain.

We even had a couple of retail jewellery shops for about 20 years, however, we didnt feel that the High Street suited our philosophy. We like to be a little different. Besides, we didnt like the High Street rents, or the landlords. Actually some of the landlords werent bad, but their philosophy was to jack the rents up every few years by as much as possible.

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