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Characteristics of Diamond

Characteristics of DiamondFollowing are some of the characteristics of Diamonds:
Brilliance is the internal as well as external reflection of white light to the eye from a gemstone.

Clarity is the degree to which tiny marks of nature, which are called inclusions, are not present in the diamond.

Diamonds range from colorless - to yellowish, brownish, bluish or even reddish.

Crown consists the top part of a diamond above the girdle.

Cut constitutes the arrangement of a diamond surface. A diamond which is "ideal cut" captures and releases the maximum play of light. Cut can be Ideal cut, Deep cut or shallow cut.

Flashes of different rainbow colors resulting from the dispersion of light is referred as Dispersion of a Diamond.

Flawless Diamonds are those without external or internal blemishes or inclusions seen under 10X magnification.

Girdle is the circumference of diamond, which is usually held by prongs of setting and separates the crown and pavilion.

Inclusions are the natural impurities present in a diamond, which were formed during the crystallization process. Inclusions can be minute birthmark specks, bubbles or feathers.

Pavilion is said to be the bottom part of a diamond below the girdle.

Shape means the geometric form of the stone. Popular shapes comprises of round brilliant, marquis, emerald cut, pear and oval.

Sparkle is the flashing effect produced when a diamond is moved in the light.

Scintillation is the twinkling of light that occurs whenever a diamond is moved, even fractionally. A well cut and faceted diamond will capture light from the slightest flicker of a candle. A diamonds unique beauty-the spectacular light show it puts on-is captured in every stone.

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