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Cash, Cheque, Credit, Cards
Credit Cards
How you choose to pay for your diamond ring may affect the price you pay. Credit cards cost the retailer between 2% and 10% of the purchase price. Most retailers conceal the credit card charge by making every customer pay extra. At Chard, we currently do not accept credit cards. Although this reduces convenience slightly, it helps us to maintain our cash-and-carry pricing.

If you choose not to purchase from us, ask the store if they accept American Express or Diners Club cards. If they do, then ask what cash discount you would receive instead! (We know of retailers who allow 24% discount to insurance companies.)

Interest Free Credit or Instore Credit
Store credit schemes where interest is charged, usually will cost you much more than using your credit card, so are best avoided. Even where stores offer interest free credit, this costs the store money, which it could pass onto its customers as a discount or price reduction.

Debit Cards
Debit cards cost very little for stores to accept, especially for larger transactions, so they are often as good as paying cash, and safer than carting wads of cash around with you.

Cheques also cost very little, but dont expect most jewellers to accept your cheques for large amounts, unless they know you well. If you expect to wait until your cheque is cleared, you should not be disappointed.
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