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Branded Diamonds

Branded DiamondsBranded Diamonds were just a technical concept till lately. Then De Beers took them up experimentally. The R & D Division of the Cartel explored a new technique for engraving polished diamonds invisibly to ensure security and consumers confidence. The GIA and HRD have carried tests on representative sets of diamonds of varying clarities, colors and shapes, and have confirmed De Beers experts view that the addition of the inscription on the table will in no way affect the grade of any diamond up to and including internally flawless gems. They have both agreed to make reference to the De Beers identification number in any certificate report issued.

The branding concept is mature and well accepted now. It has lately reached the jewellery market at the retail level. De Beers has introduced branded diamonds. Nakshatra is also being promoted currently in India.

Ekati mine of Canada has now become the first source, which has started selling worlds first origin, and quality guaranteed diamonds in loose, retail sales. Research reveals that many consumers are concerned about the authenticity of their diamonds. With Ekati brand diamonds, both the origin and quality of each gemstone are fully certified. Each Ekati brand diamond will be laser inscribed with the Ekati "Maple leaf" logo, the Ekati name and an individual identification and certificate number. Also, each gem will be identified and tracked using a Canadian technology known as Gemprint and will be assigned a corresponding ID number. Gemprinting provides a unique optical signature - like a fingerprint - of each diamond, which is tied to the identification number. Three certificates, all using the same identification number will accompany each Ekati brand diamond. The first certificate, from the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS), a three-part gem-grading laboratory, verifies the specifications of the diamond. The second is from the Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada and validates its Canadian origin. The third certificate guarantees that the diamond is from the Ekati Mine. "In terms of size, Ekati brand diamonds must at least be one third carat or larger and of AGS Triple Ideal Grade," To put that in perspective, millions of diamonds around the world are cut and polished each year, but fewer than one percent receive a Triple Ideal Grade. Because they are relatively rare in global markets and demand is high, very few jewelers in Canada had access to diamonds of this quality previously Arslanian craftsmen are master of the distinctive "Eight Hearts" cut that is used to create each Ekati brand diamond. This cutting style and the pattern it produces - which can only be seen using a special instrument called a Proportion Scope - can take up to six times longer to create than other styles. The result, however, is a more valuable diamond and a gemstone that maximizes brilliance.

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