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Body Piercing

Owing to the complete revival of the traditional styles in fashion, people are getting more inclined towards the contemporary designs of jewelry. The earrings in assorted designs are the choice of the new generation. The exotic earrings can be adorned with a variety of fashion accessories and go along well with both casual and formal attires acting as indispensable accessories. The astonishing variety and aesthetic composition of earrings is elegant and speaks of the fine workmanship.

Heres an exclusive range of womens fashion earrings, reflecting the richness of Indian traditions, culture and excellent skills of the craftsmen from the interiors of India. Presenting assorted collection of polished horn, bone and beads to create original, handmade jewelry perfect for a power suit or a night out dancing. Long hanging earrings like Jhumkas and dools are also very much in vogue.

Nose RingNose Ring
Nose rings are in vogue. Traditionally worn by the married women, nose rings have become a style statement for the youth. Bollywood movies have played a big role in making them a hit among the college goers. Nose rings are worn at one side of the nose or even in the centre - which is in these days.

They are available in beads stringed in a wire, even present in metal like steel that is similar to clippons. Small round nose-rings of silver or even brass look smart and really trendy. There are button or fixed nose rings to suit your convenience and requirement. It not only enhances the beauty of your face but also look elegant especially when worn by married women. Self-design, intricate work, ethnic or traditional, all types of nose-rings can be easily accessible.

Eyebrow RingNavel \ Eyebrow Ring
A manifestation of the west is clearly symbolized in these naval and eyebrow rings. These rings give a snazzy look to the belly and the eyebrows that denote a chic appeal to ones personality. These rings are made of beads and silver finish material and are similar to clippons but the only difference is these rings have to be pierced in the skin.

Navel and eyebrow rings are in vogue. Small round rings of silver or even brass look smart and really trendy. Button or fixed nose rings to suit your convenience and requirement are also offered. So express your self with these snappy rings and make heads turn.

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