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Source and Inspirations

Design is extremely influenced by source of inspiration. Comprehending new shapes, forms, structure, figure, etc needs a high degree of observation, imagination, analysis & recollecting power, what we see, feel, hear greatly influences are creativity & expression. By and large, the visual information obtained influences a design the most. This is why many designs maintain a sketchbook to note visual observation.
The major design sources are-
Material Used:
Functioning with different materials gives you different experiences, a opportunity to discover something new through permutations & combinations & this may be the initial stage of a design, for example wax modeling, playing around with jewelers wax.

History & Art Eras:
History has witnessed magnificent art eras like Medieval, Egyptian, Baroque, Art Nouvean, Art Deco, etc that are rich in expression & inspiration. An artists mind can sketch brilliant ideas from their style of jewelry architecture, paintings, sculpture, textile patterns, calligraphy & other artifacts. Fusion of conservative & contemporary ideas & re-interpretation of ancient art forms can give birth to a new & original style.

Nature is an endless ocean of ideas. The different forms shapes, texture colour & varieties of flowers; animals, insects, birds, trees & other forms of life are an inexhaustible source of creative ideas. Observation & expression influenced by nature can upshot in fascinating new forms & ideas.

Symbolic Sources:
The Zodiac signs, organizational signs & symbols, occupational symbols, monograms & logos, fraternal good source of design & inspiration. The blend & use of different shapes & styles help us visualize new combination and composition.

Themes & Concepts:
If a designer thinks with an open mind he can comprehend a deep concept or theme in every art form and the same way he can integrate & express a variety of themes in his jewellery designs for instance nature, politics, social, religious, etc.

Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs, visits to jewellery stores, exhibitions & museums are some other useful sources of information & inspiration but it is important to uphold your own style & originality.

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