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Aluminum Jewellery
Aluminum JewelleryAluminum is the most abundant of all the metals. It is a light metal-approximately 1/3 the weight of copper and 1/4 the weight of silver. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. It can be cast, forged, hammered or weld, soldered spun. It is resistant to sulfuric or nitric acid while hydrochloric acid and strong alkalis will dissolve it. For craft purposes commercially pure aluminum with slight impurities of iron and silicon is used.

Exquisite fashion jewelry made using aluminum is a perfect addition for any wardrobe.

The polished aluminum fashion jewelry adds a touch of elegance and style to the wearers personality. The jewelry items also serve as lovable gifts for every occasion and bring about an aesthetic charm to the person wearing it.  The trendy jewellery items in aluminum are often moulded and inlayed in beautiful styles. They can also be embossed, enameled, engraved, etched or electro-plated for creative lines.
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