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The 4 C`s of Diamond - Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat Weight
Cut Clarity Carat Weight
Cloudy Consignment Confidence
Cash Competition Certification
Compromise Cars, Cigarettes and Cos.. Clicks & Diamonds
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Colour of Diamond

The 4 C`s of DiamondThe 4 C`s - Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat Weight
Almost every jeweller will be able to tell you about the 4 C`s which affect diamond prices. We can tell you about a dozen Cs, which affect prices.

De Beers who run the Diamond Promotion Service pump out information to all jewellers about their famous 4 C`s, the four factors, which affect diamond prices. The DPS wants you the consumer to be aware of the different diamond qualities, so that it can get you to pay more money for better quality diamonds.

Sadly, a few jewellery shops can`t or wont tell you about the 4 C`s. Our advice is to avoid such shops. There is an important distinction between a jeweller and a jewellery shop, we are sure you can work that out for yourself.

The Four C`s Are: -
Carat Weight

Even More C`s Are: -
Most jewellers cant tell you any more C`s because nobody has told them, and they havent bothered to work it out for themselves. We give a lot of thought to these extra C`s. If you like to think for yourself, you may want to look at what follows, and see if you agree with us.

Some diamonds are cloudy and do not sparkle.
Consignment Jewellers get diamonds on "Sale or Return". There are advantages and disadvantages.

You need to have confidence in your jeweller. This should not just be a blind leap of faith.

Cash, Cheques, Credit, Cards. All these can make a difference.

Competition does not always lower prices. Sometimes it has the opposite effect!

Laboratories exist which will grade and certificate diamonds for quality.

Compromise is necessary to balance the different factors.

Cars, Cigs, and Costas
Diamonds are cheap compared with other consumer purchases.

Clicks and Mortar or Bricks and Mortar?

Common Sense
Apply a little common sense.

If you would like to know how quality affects price, please take a look at our price example pages:-

Price v. Quality of a 1 Carat Diamond or
Price v. Quality of a Half Carat Diamond

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