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History of Jewellery
Jewellery in Ancient Ind.. Jewellery of Mughul Peri.. The Southern Jewellery..
Elephant BraceletJewellery manifests itself in many forms. Be it the gold, beaded or even jewellery made from gemstones in the modern or in the ancient forms, jewellery has got its own class and it adds a very different glamour to the person wearing the same. It might be very difficult to believe, but the history of jewellery has undergone a tremendous change and the designs and delicate craftsmanship of the ancient jewellery are the basis of the designs used in the modern jewellery.

The history of jewellery have time and again inspired a lot of gold and contemporary jewellery makers to come up with the lovely and intricate designs in the modern times. However, whenever it comes to the history of jewellery, it is very confusing and difficult to categorize the same, since the forms of jewellery used in this period were very different from the ones we use today. The earliest form of jewellery discovered in the Indian continent, are described as ancient jewellery. The ancient jewellery includes earrings, beads, amulets, seals, amulet cases and much more!

We come across many examples and many discoveries stating the existence of gold coins in the ancient period. All the ancient gold coins that were made in India and were excavated in India, confirm their importance in those places where they were found. These ancient forms of jewellery give us the knowledge of the different forms of nature (gods, flowers, animals and birds) present in those times. Apart from its prestige as a gold coin, what we discover seeing those coins, is the remarkable and delicate artistry, that segregates it from every other coin. These different coins also provide a brief idea of the social and religious culture that might have existed during those times.

RingWe can also find the existence of the arm & the leg ornaments being an integral part of an individuals` personality, in ancient India. The ornaments for the head have been a part of the Indian culture since ages. The jewellery consisted of bindis, tikkas, forehead ornaments, nose rings, ear ornaments as well as the earrings. Such adornments have been inherited by the present generations due to the past rich legacy of the great Indian rulers and the population of those times. The artisans in those times have crafted these head ornaments with a lot of artistry in order to make them skillful wonders.

Turban Jewellery was also considered as an important part of the jewellery, however, mostly for the rulers. The historical India has provided various explanations about the different dynasties that have come and gone and have left their mark on the Indian soil. The turban jewellery surely forms an important part of these ruling dynasties and the former have been an integral part of deciphering the reign of any particular clan. For example, turban jewellery worn by every particular king had the choice of gemstones and fine artwork of jewellery makers present in that particular part of India. This surely made all turban jewellery significant and thus, the same could be easily traced back to any part of India, from where it was made.

Necklace with PendantPendants and Necklaces have been an epic chapter in the history of Indian Jewellery. All the other forms of decoration are supposedly considered incomplete if the necklaces and the pendants are not a part of an individuals` jewellery. Pendants had their own charm and their own importance for being worn around the necks. However, when it came to the necklaces, they were mostly made in gold added along with the gemstones to add more fascination for the onlookers. However, apart from having their own share of fame during the earlier times, one cannot help but notice, the recent generation too getting captivated in those designs and it resulting in the same designs and patterns coming back to life, since these Moghul designs are the very base of every delicate handiwork by the modern jewellery makers. Let us categorize the same ancient jewellery in different forms and see the delicate designs, which have been the basis of our modern jewellery since the recent jewellery makers have inherited this fashion statement as well.

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