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Articles on jewellery
Why people prefer to buy.. Source and Inspirations.. The north, south, east a..
Jewellery Designing as a..
Jewellery designing as a carreer
The growing market for branded ornaments has led to a demand for a new breed of jewelry designers and other professionals like gem appraisers. With several institutes offering specialized courses in this field, jewelry designing is no longer a family trade but a lucrative career option.

Source and Inspirations for Jewellery Designing
Design is extremely influenced by source of inspiration. Comprehending new shapes, forms, structure, figure, etc needs a high degree of observation, imagination and analysis.

The north, south, east and west of gold
Jewellery in India has drawn upon the numerous facets of its people, and has in turn been inspiration and solace to both wearer and beholder. Sculptors and painters disobeyed boundaries between the real, the ideal and the imaginary, generously beautifying their images with ornaments.

Why people prefer to buy coloured gemstones?
Each person has his or her own reason for wanting to buy, own or wear a colored gemstone. There are, however, several basic and valid reasons that make gemstones desirable possessions | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us