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    Indian JewelleryIndian jewellery is practically made for every part of the body. And since the jewellery varies from religious one to a purely aesthetic one, this form of beautification bears the testimony to the excellent skills of the jewellers in India. Apart from being a form of adornment, it also serves as an identity maker, a security and also a status symbol. Let us broaden our knowledge on this exquisite craft.
    History of Jewellery
    History of JewelleryThe ancient jewellery have a very historical significance since it allows us to trace back the past events of the Indian history and it also proves as a basis for the modern day jewellery makers to come up with their creations keeping in mind the fine and artistic work of those times. Let us go back in time and take a glimpse of the jewellery made in India, right from the prehistoric times, till the post independence, modern period.
    Types of Jewellery
    Types of JewelleryJewellery comprises ornamental objects worn by persons, typically made with gems and precious metals.However, jewellery can and has been made out of almost every kind of material.While high-quality and artistic pieces are made with gemstones and precious metals, less costly costume jewellery is made from less-valuable materials and is mass-produced.
    DiamondsDiamond is one of the hardest natural material whose hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for jewelery. Diamonds are famous as a mineral with superlative physical qualities that make excellent abrasives. Jewelry values differ according to the clarity and cutting of diamonds. diamond jewelry such as solitaire rings and pendants, finger rings, bracelets and necklaces are some of the jewelery gifted on various occasions.
    GemstonesA gemstone is a mineral, rock or petrified material that when cut or faceted and polished is collectible or can be used in jewellery. Others are organic, such as amber and jet . Some beautiful gemstones are too soft or too fragile to be used in jewelry, for example, single-crystal rhodochrosite, but are exhibited in museums and are sought by collectors
    Branded Jewellery
    Branded JewelleryThe latest boon of Branded Jewellery in India has brought a whole new range of Jewellery. Unlike the traditional heavy weight jewellery, the Branded Jewellery is known for its light and sleek look.
    Tips on buying jewellery
    Tips on buying jewelleryDifferent styles rule jewellery buying for wedding and other occasions. While for formal occasions, women are experimenting with unconventional designs, styles and branded jewellery, the wedding jewellery designs are unchanged, traditional, heavy sets of gold, diamonds and pearls. Generally, size, cut, quality and type determine the price of any gemstone. Here are answers to some questions that one should ask before buying any jewellery.
    Jewellery For The Body
    Jewellery For The BodyToday Jewellery foe every part of the body is available in the market. Be it the fingers, forehead or the feet, the charm of Jewellery can be seen. There`s no end to the number of body parts that creative people choose to adorn with jewelry. These tips help you find and choose the best kinds of body jewelry for your body piercings.
    Metal jewellery
    Metal jewelleryThe intelligence of Man has allowed him to exploit the natural substances like metals and convert them into beautiful jewellery. The most common of all metal allergens is nickel, which is found in costume jewellery, clothing ornamentation, such as zippers, buttons, and snaps, and virtually all-common metal objects.
    Cleaning Gemstones
    Cleaning GemstonesJewellery can be made from many materials and with many techniques. Because of this, cleaning jewellery should be approached cautiously. Start with gentle, simple brushing with a soft, clean, small paintbrush.Precious stones can become dirty and a slightly more aggressive cleaning may be needed. It is important first to check that settings are secure.
    Jewellery designing as a carrier

    Source and Inspirations for Jewellery Designing

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